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What does a novice chicken need to prepare?

1. Chicken coop

The location of the chicken house should be aware of the local climate conditions and sanitary and epidemic prevention conditions, and away from the factors that are not conducive to epidemic prevention (such as main traffic lines, chemical plants, slaughterhouses, etc.). Do a good job in the planning and layout of the site, avoid risks scientifically and reasonably for the construction and construction of the chicken coop, and choose the appropriate coop building mode according to the variety, scale, mode (cage chickens, cage chickens or free-range chickens), cycle (the cycle is different for deheated chickens, adult cocks and free-range hens) and other factors.

2. Chicken nesting box

Chicken nesting box is generally ready to assemble nesting box, breeding nesting box, nesting box, etc. Among them, the assembly of nesting box is to assemble a single nesting box into the form of cage group, including full stepped nesting box, half stepped nesting box, overlapping nesting box, single level and so on. Breeding chicken nesting box generally uses 2-3 layers of overlapping or half step cage. There are single-layer cage and two-layer artificial insemination box for breeding chicken nesting. The former is for the natural mating of male and female with cage, and the latter is often used for artificial insemination chicken farm. The original breeding chicken farm can also be used for the record of pure line individual egg production.
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3. Drinking water utensils

Common drinking water with water pump, water tower, filter, limit valve, drinking water and pipeline facilities, and commonly used types of drinking water tank, vacuum drinking water, nipple drinking water, cup drinking water, hanging plate drinking water, etc.

4. Feeding equipment

Common feeding with trough, bucket, feeding machine, storage tower, etc. Among them, the trough can be made into large, medium and small size of the long trough. Bucket is a common feeding equipment in modern chicken industry. Feeding machine is specially designed to solve the chicken factory workers labor intensity, for medium and small chicken farm facilities layout is not standardized development and design. The storage tower is generally located at one end or side of the coop, and the feed is sent to the feeding trough by the feeder.

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5, feces cleaning equipment

Feces removal tools can generally choose traction type feces scraper and conveyor belt feces removal. Among them, the traction type feces scraper is mainly used for one or more feces ditches on the same plane, and can also be used for upstairs and downstairs joint feces cleaning. Conveyor belt stool removal is often used for high-density stacked cage stool removal, stool through the bottom net gap directly on the conveyor belt, can eliminate the stool plate and stool ditch.

6. Other appliances

Lighting facilities, thermometer, hygrometer, bucket, ShuiYaoZi, syringes, feed, medicine and so on, these are all need to be well prepared, general two weeks ago is about to start planning before the brood.