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Can You Use the Water Dispenser Correctly?


It is known that the correct use of automatic water dispensers can ensure that birds can drink clean and sufficient water every day. Avoid water pollution in the chicken house. At the same time, it can reduce the water leakage of the water line, effectively avoid the fermentation caused by too wet feces, and produce too much harmful gas to pollute the air in the poultry house. It can also reduce the humidity in the poultry house, keep the poultry house in a good sanitary condition, prevent the breeding and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, and ensure the normal growth and production of poultry. The utility model can also prolong the service life of the nipple drinking line, save expenses and improve the economic benefits.

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Installation requirements of the automatic waterline
Before installation, the internal and external surfaces of the water line pipes shall be clean and free of dirt. The nipples shall be sensitive and free of blockage, and the water meter shall be accurate;
After installation, the waterline shall be flat and of proper height. The joints shall be tightly connected without water leakage. The water level gauge is clear and easy to read, and the end is connected to the drain pipe;
High-pressure valve and drain valve are flexible and reliable, each nipple has the same direction, and the elevator is sensitive;
The shock wire is properly tightened, and the effect of the shock device is obvious. The dosing device (piston/pressure tank) and filter are complete and reliable.

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