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How about the automatic waterer for chickens?

Chicken drinking fountains have many advantages for large-scale farms:
chicken drinking fountain
1. It can be directly stuck on a PVC circular water pipe with a diameter of 2.5cm.

2. The chicken drinking fountain has a built-in 304 stainless steel ball, which can effectively control the water outlet and realize 360-degree drinking water at the same time, a breakthrough that solves the problem that chickens cannot use the chicken drinking fountain.

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3. Nongshengle chicken drinking fountains have undergone strict testing and are measured according to standard water pressure.

4. It can be used in conjunction with hanging cups to save water and prevent dripping water from making the coop wet.

5. The pinch tube of the chicken waterer is made of PP material, the core part is made of ADS material, the needle and the built-in device are made of the best 304 stainless steel material, and the net weight of a single product is 9 grams. 6. The automatic chicken waterer is suitable for Chicken farms can effectively save the trouble of manual water supply. At the same time, the water is controlled by the chicken mouth. When the chicken mouth leaves the water rod, the water will automatically stop.

The key to choosing an automatic chicken drinking fountain is quality, time-saving and labor-saving, health and hygiene, and APS engineering materials are selected. It is easy to install, disassemble and clean, eliminating the cost of glue bonding, and the stainless steel and plastic are wear-resistant.