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What should We Pay Attention To in Livestock Breeding?

When the temperature drops below zero at night in winter, if the livestock skin is covered with less hair, it shall be driven into the enclosure to prevent freezing injury and energy consumption of livestock, and the enclosure temperature shall be kept at 10 ℃ - 25 ℃ at night. For stocking livestock, it is necessary to allow them to exercise properly in the pasture during the day, preferably once in the morning and once in the afternoon. In addition, try to choose the section with a higher temperature, which can enhance the digestion ability of livestock and help ensure a strong appetite and energy.

Reasonably adjust the humidity in the enclosure, and pay attention to maintaining ventilation for cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs, and other livestock that like a dry environment. Properly lay a certain thickness of bedding grass in the enclosure, which can not only keep dry but also keep warm and cold-proof. Otherwise, if the living environment of livestock is too humid, it will cause some diseases.
Increase feed additives 
In winter, livestock generally spend a short time on the playground, and the sun exposure time is also short, so they can not absorb sufficient ultraviolet rays, resulting in the loss of effective calcium components in livestock, which will hinder the growth and milk production of livestock. Therefore, it is necessary to add appropriate minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to the feed to prevent diseases caused by nutrient deficiency.
Feed composition 
In cold winter, some high-fat feed or concentrate feed should be taken for feeding during the day. High energy substances such as beans, vegetable oil, and animal fat can be selected, and some high protein substances should be appropriately added at the same time. The high-fat substance in the whole feed should be controlled at 1% - 1.5%, and the protein substance should be controlled at about 18%. In addition, do not put too much crude fiber feed.
Sanitary environment 
Livestock feces and fallen food may be pathogens of bacteria. Clean up the dirty things in the resting place of livestock in time and keep them clean. The excrement and soil on livestock shall be removed in time. Otherwise, it will affect the heat dissipation capacity of the body surface and the thermal insulation effect of the fur, and eventually lead to the deterioration of the skin and blood, resulting in corresponding skin or blood diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the livestock body table regularly every month. 

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