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How to choose automatic poultry drinkers

Material: Generally, copper and stainless steel are preferred, and copper products should have an anti-oxidation coating; stainless steel should be 304 food grade. 

Water outlet: Pressing and swinging the water outlet requires a small range of motion, no effort, no sticking in rebound, and 360-degree flexible swinging of the nipple type.


Production process: the edges and occlusal parts are round and smooth; the metal parts are free of rust and deformation; the color is bright, no cracks, no sand holes, no bubbles, no protruding particles, etc. 

Sealing rubber ring: natural rubber cannot be used, and materials with better heat resistance and cold resistance, such as silica gel and ABS, should be selected. 

Product qualification: Do not buy products without brand trademarks, production licenses, product qualification certificates and manufacturer information. 

Water outlet adjustment key: There should be a water outlet adjustment key, and the adjustment is convenient and effective, and can be adjusted during installation. 

Packaging: Choose transparent packaging products, you can directly observe the built-in; products produced by regular manufacturers, packaging graphics and printing are clear, bright colors.

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