What Will I Feed Chickens?


Chickens need a balanced diet and a fresh supply of water to keep healthy. Hens are very productive laying almost an egg a day. Laying Hens are essentially high performing athletes. Getting the right nutrients and minerals in the right quantities is very important but don’t stress as Layers Pellets has been specially formulated to meet all of the hens requirements. Layers Pellets are available from most local hardware and pet stores. However, as the hens grow older we would recommend trying some oyster shells or some vitamins to prolong their laying life.

Fresh, clean water and feed should be available at all times and contamination must be avoided. The easiest way to ensure a fresh supply of feed and water and to avoid contamination is to buy Poultry Feeders/Drinkers. They are inexpensive and by far one of the best investments you can make for your new girls.