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How much do You Know about Egg Laying Box?


The egg-laying box is indispensable equipment for a chicken farm. Now there are many forms of egg boxes and their operation methods are different. Farmers must choose an egg-laying box suitable for their chicken farms. Only selecting the right egg-laying box and scientific management skills can ensure high-quality eggs.

Physiologically, breeding chickens have the habit of looking for clean, dry, dark, and secluded environments to lay eggs. Laying hens also like to produce in sheltered places, because it takes about 15 to 30 minutes for hens to lay eggs, and avoid stress when fallopian tubes are everted.


The basic requirement for designing the egg-laying box


When laying eggs, the body temperature of chickens often rises by 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃, and the laying boxes are required to be well ventilated but free from thieves. Therefore, many side plates and partitions of the egg-laying boxes are made like fences or perforated. The design of the egg-laying box should meet the natural habit of laying eggs of breeding hens, which is also the basic requirement for designing the box.


The egg-laying box can be made of bamboo, wood, white iron, and other materials. However, no matter which kind of egg box is used, the number of eggs is generally 4-5 chickens per nest. Hens also have the habit of fixing the place of laying eggs. Hens like to lay eggs in the nest where the first egg is laid. Insufficient quantity will increase the ground eggs. The egg-laying box is generally designed to have 1-2 layers. The size of each egg nest is about 30cm wide × 35cm deep × 30cm high. The bottom petal of the egg-laying box is best considered to be a movable pedal, and the height of the front baffle should keep enough padding in the nest.

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