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  • With the advancement of science and technology, more and more intelligent equipment has entered the breeding industry, especially automatic drinking equipment and automatic feeding husbandry equipment are more common. After installation, it has indeed reduced a lot of labor and improved the breeding efficiency.


  • Nipple drinker is an automatic water supply system, which is widely used in mechanized laying hen farms and breeder farms.


  • The egg-laying box is indispensable equipment for a chicken farm. Now there are many forms of egg boxes and their operation methods are different.


  • Perhaps raising poultry, such as raising chickens, will bring happiness to people. We will be proud that we have seen the grow process that the chicks grow and lay an egg . You have invested a lot in their living environment, such as poultry waterer bowl cup equipment, pressure regulator for poultry drinking lines, and some detail part like poultry drinker cone valve for chicken as well as cleaning their house .


  • Chicken nipple drinkers, a funny name, whatever you would like to call them, chick nipples are actually the easiest, very most economical, and also healthiest method to offer your chicks water.they are actually a rather recent development in the lawn chicken world although the business industry has been using all of them for several years.


  • It is known that the correct use of automatic water dispensers can ensure that birds can drink clean and sufficient water every day. Avoid water pollution in the chicken house. At the same time, it can reduce the water leakage of the water line, effectively avoid the fermentation caused by too wet feces, and produce too much harmful gas to pollute the air in the poultry house.